College students' mental health can be effectively intervened in, as music therapy can support their physical and mental well-being, enhance their psychological quality, help them develop healthy personalities, and nurture their emotions. Due to their heightened societal sensitivity and lack of psychological self-control, college students are more prone to developing a range of psychological issues. College students who use music therapy can express their feelings in a safe and supportive setting, and it can also help them make the right decisions to emerge from the shadows and embrace the light.

Music therapy can focus on multiple diseases or situations such as autism, dementia, schizophrenia, bronchitis, mental health, anxiety, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, general health, longevity, work stress, rejuvenation, memory, depression, meditation, memory, and others. It benefits people in many aspects and improves their well-being. Research has shown that using music to help in healing is a form of music therapy and healing. Several clinical studies have proven that music therapy holds great significance in the beneficial effects of music in our system.

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The primary objective of music therapy is to help in healing because of the resonance of vibrations.

Our unique and different techniques of music therapy will hold an important role as they will help in healing and rejuvenating you.

Music therapy can treat several disorders such as autism, dementia, mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, and many others.

Govind Saraswati is the person behind Muziek Mantra with a musical career of more than 35 years. His approach heals without side effects, boosting immunity, balancing chakras, and nurturing spiritual connection for overall well-being.

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